Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession – Property Rights Attorneys In Southern California

Adverse Possession: Boundary Rights. Property Rights.

Adverse Possession is a complex area of law that requires an experienced Real Estate Attorney. If successful a person can obtain ownership of land that previously was not theirs. In order to assert a claim of adverse possession in California, the claimant must demonstrate:

  • Adverse and hostile possession,
  • An ownership interest acquired by fraud or coercion,
  • Payment of all property taxes during the five-year period.

The elements to a claim for adverse possession are difficult to analyze at times, but a real estate attorney can help you with that.

Each situation is unique and it is important to consult with an experienced real estate attorney to understand the requirements you must fulfill and what rights, if any, you have to a piece of property.  Similarly, it is important to understand how to protect yourself and your property from an unwanted adverse possession action.

A lawyer at our Southern California offices can assist you in protecting your legal rights.  It is also important to keep in mind that an adverse possession claim does not only arise in a situation of unwanted trespassers, but can also occur in a situation when a neighboring property encroaches on your property.  If you believe someone has trespassed on your property it is important to take legal action immediately.  A real estate attorney can give you a better understanding of how fast you must act to preserve your rights. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation with a Licensed Real Estate Attorney at one of our 3 convenient So Call locations. 

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Have you been taking care of a piece of land/property for more than five (5) years? There are multiple factors to evaluate if a person is claiming title (aka Ownership) to land presently owned by another due to abandonment or neglect. The idea is that the society does not want property to become abandoned and have no one take care of it. The person claiming Adverse Possession is essentially taking ownership of a part of land from another. Some key factors is who has been paying the property taxes and who has been representing to society that they are the sole owner of the property.

Our Attorneys know the complex legal issues surrounding Adverse Possession and can file a lawsuit, defend against one, go to Trial and file an Appeal if necessary. Call today to meet with one of our experienced Real Estate Litigation Attorneys for a Free Consultation.

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