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When buying or selling real estate, plenty of issues can arise which is why we highly recommend that you always hire a Real Estate Attorney to advise you throughout the transaction. Real Estate Brokers & Agents cannot give you legal advice and are only focused on getting the sale through as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that a Real Estate Agent will likely tell you to agree to certain clauses or addendum, if you rely on their bad advice you cannot sue them afterwards! They are protected legally from complaints of providing “legal advice” even if it was horrible advice. Meanwhile hiring a Real Estate Attorney to advise you what to sign and what not to sign only costs a fraction of what your Real Estate Agent ends up collecting in commissions.

A seller/buyer might want to back out, or a buyer/seller may want to force a sale or seek damages. Our Real Estate Attorneys can help you before, during or after a transaction to represent you and protect your interests, including litigation if needed. Our attorneys have experience in negotiating with buyers and sellers and in providing advice as to the best options for our clients.

Avoiding a lawsuit is the best option, however if a lawsuit cannot be avoided our Trial Attorneys are ready to help you file a lawsuit or defend against one. We provide a broad range of Real Estate Litigation Services to protect your interests and reach a favorable outcome for our clients.

We also provide Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation options before a lawsuit is filed.

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